I still don't understand how to put in an extension and make it work

This time I am trying to get the ‘Shell’ extension from Extension Warehouse. I get the message that it has been loaded into SketchUp. Sure enough, it is in my extension manager but that is the only place. I cannot find it in any drop down or any where else except in the extension manager. I have no way, or idea, how to use it. It just sits in extension manager. How can I get it to actually work?

Albert Drybrae

Did you also install the Tt_lib dependency as described on the extension page? Instructions how to use the extension are there too…


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Please, I know I sound stupid but please tell me how to find this ‘extension page’. No I didn’t install the Tt_lib dependency because I never heard of it.

You should read through the pages for the extensions before you install them. Search the Extension Warehouse for TT_Lib2 and install it. Then shut down SketchUp and restart it to make sure both extensions load properly.

A number of extensions out there require support files that need to be installed separately so you want to read through the information provided. In the case of ThomThom’s extensions, many of them use a common set of files which are included in TT_Lib2.

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Its the page you allegedly downloaded the extension from…

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Yes, I finally read the small print and figured it out.
Thank you