I self taught myself SketchUp!

Ive been using SU for many years for heavy civil construction layouts, concrete work, piping, etc. Im self taught and go back to when Google owned it. Ive not used other BIM softwarenba reddit

My challenge with sketchup is drawing small things and the lack of true curves. Ive tried to use some different 3D design software, but I feel totally lost with the interface; Rhino 3D, Blender…I couldnt even draw a box if I had to. Are there other 3D programs that share a similar learning curve?

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You’ve been using SketchUp Make for your work?

What is the challenge? It’s certainly possible to model small items. These are all small objects modeled in SketchUp. I haven’t had any problem with the lack of true, smooth curves.


On the question of true curves, if you need to send a model to a CNC machine, export your model as 3D DXF, and you then get true curves. This video shows the export settings you need to use:




Rhino/SketchUp kindvof software

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