I need to mirror a set of 32 columns to the other side of a floor

I need to mirror a set of 32 columns to the other side of my floor but am unsure how to do it. I suppose I should make them all a component first, but then…?
The model is too big to upload, but it is in dropbox here:

What to do?

Well are they all identical ? IF so, yes,… they should be instances of the same component definition. And then you can group the array to help in manipulation.

When you say mirror, do the columns really need to be mirrored themselves ? I mean are they not symmetrical in some way so that they need to be reversed (what SketchUp calls “Flip Along an axis”) by 180 degrees ?

Or, do you mean a reflective copy with respect to the center line of the room (floor) ?
I thought @TIG had written a Mirror tool that helps with this kind of copying.

I had some errors so I worked on the upload. I am ready to mirror it now, but TIG doesn’t work so well for me; I had to rotate in addition to TIG last time.

I may have to fix some distortions still.

Have redrawn the floor, walls and columns. See link to my Dropbox (I haven’t got access to yours, I think).

Here’s an image of the half nearer to the origin.

As before, dimensions are all on a layer Dims. Turn off or delete when you want not to see them.

I can’t find your extending canopy, so have drawn a simple block approximation of it.

If you have a copy of all of your earlier version, you could I think safely purge this one.

Haven’t looked at all at the central halls and inner elevators - just concentrated on getting walls, floor and columns clean and accurately drawn and located.

I have made 7 rows of upright columns - three each side mirrored, and one central row. That’s as close to 50’ separation as i could get. Eight gives awkward division by nine spaces, and gets them too close.

Had enough time at computer today, so will stop for tonight, but if you have questions or spot any howlers or smaller errors, Skype me - don’t mind a short time talking to you, but won’t start another new task until tomorrow.

This looks very good. I can continue with it form here…for now anyway.
One thing I did notice is that the elevators currently in use are actually too wide to have the tracks fit comfortably on the concrete block, even allowing for the true dimensions of the gangway being about half of the 1’ 9/16" shown (6"). I think the cylinder will have to be only 18’ then, not 19’ as it is here. I forgot what you currently had, but it needs to be shortened to 18’ even to allow for the extra space due to the skew. An 18’ elevator is basically a tram anyway, and plenty of room for the limited stops it’ll make.
Thanks for measuring everything.

In the bath on my phone as I read this, so I can’t look at the models.

As a consequence, I don’t fully understand it, but will look in the morning and see if I can make better sense of it then

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On second look, maybe just shortening the gangway by 6" will be enough to move the rear tracks into position on the block in all circumstances. It’ll be clearer once the final external elevator is done. Working on the floor now…