I need a new computer fo SU. Recomendations?

I have an iMac with 4GB RAM, an ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro with 256 MB and a 1,000GB HD (2nd upgrade from the original). Believe it or not, this was considered near state-of-the-art when I bought it 9 years ago. I’ve topped out at OS running El Capitan 10.12.6; the hardware won’t allow me to upgrade beyond that, Apple says. I only have room for a 24" screen in my cabinet/desk.
But SU and my 200MB model is stressing it to the breaking point, even with most items turned off in layers. It’s OK for zoomed in work, but zoom out to see the whole thing, and you could toast bread while waiting. At some point, I’ll want to animate a tour of my model too, as well as use layout perhaps (have to see how that plays on other computers).
I would LIKE this model to become the complete building, but that would mean a 4-6GB model. Even if I turned most layers off, is there any configuration of iMac that will realistically perform decently with that kind of model? I guess I’ll need flashdrive or some other high speed drive too.

OK, I want to get another iMac that I can also use for everything else, basically MS Office and Internet. Nothing else requires an upgrade.

Assuming money is no object - as long as it’s not a custom job into the 5 figures - but also assuming I don’t want to buy more than SU can use, or be anticipated to use in the next 5 years (I like to buy state-of-the-art every 5-10 years and then not have to worry about it again for that long), what do you recommend?

27" iMac w/ intel Core i7 @ 4GHz, the AMD Radeon R9 M395X and 32 GB RAM.

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Do you think this would be sufficient to run a 4-6GB model in SU, assuming most layers turned off. Will SU load the whole thing into fast RAM or does it always go to drive after a certain size? (I think I can cut a 20" slot in the side of my cabinet for the 1" overage of the 25.6" wide monitor and since the screen typically has a 1" bezel and black screen border - wasted space, Apple, are you listening? - I won’t miss anything viewable).

The bottleneck with high-poly-count models is typically the CPU (thus the fastest i7)… but file size does not need to have a compulsive correlation with the amount of working memory required, with 32 GB RAM likely sufficient and the max. increment of the iMac anyhow.

SU as a 64 bit application normally does grab as much working memory as desired, obviously if available. Swapping on the data medium shouldn’t be an issue with today’s systems.

and check this help article concerning improving performance too.

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