I made a template for a box out of 1.5mm sheet metal, pls help me bend it

I have designed a template for a box with the thickness of the sheet metal and some holes for easy bending. But I cannot fold it. Can somebody, please, help me bend it in Sketchup for Windows, so I can git the file to the metal working shop. The radius of the bend will be no less than the tickness of the sheet - in this case 1.5mm.
Here is the file:
battery_box.skp (35.0 KB)
I have the following extentions installed

It’s actually quite a complex thing to do, to be honest if the metal shop can’t make a box to dimensions I would be going to another shop.

One way to do it without any extensions is to draw a rectangle the size of the base, less 3mm to allow for the side thickness.

Then draw a profile of the side, 240mm high and 1.5mm thick. Radius the bottom of the profile at 1.5mm R, then use FollowMe round the face of the base:

This won’t be exactly right, but a good approximation.

Give the base thickness using PushPull and tapping the Ctrl key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) to keep a top as well as new bottom face.

Reverse the top face of the bottom.

battery_box JWM.skp (78.5 KB)

FWIW, your flat drawing isn’t exactly right. The upper right round cutout isn’t centred on the line of the sides.

And I’m not clear what you want the actual finished size of the box to become - inside or outside dimensions for height and width? Or do you want a small square gap at the outside corners, with the insides of the ends and sides just touching?

This is what I was trying to do, but correctly, because now the bend radius is 0 at the inside which is impossible. And maybe easier, because this was almost drawing line by line

battery_box JWM.skp (112.0 KB)

How making the box as John suggests, then place a cylinder through the corner and intersect or use solid tools if you have solids. It’s not exactly like the punched part but it’s really close.

Thanks Shep, how did you make this curve?

This is part of what I was trying to do. John’s file did now have the curve on the inside.

See the pic above, with the cylinder sticking through the corner? I used subtract in the solid tools. It can be done with intersect too. Also note I modeled it using meters instead of mm.

Here’s the setup in x-ray mode.

I understand how you did the hole.
I do not understand how you did the curved sides. The curved sheet metal.

Oh, sorry. It was just a follow me action using your 1.5 as the inner radius and 1.5 for thickness. Fill the bottom and push/pull the sides up.

You can use Fredo’s Radial Bend to fold the box, but you need to correct the holes as they aren’t centered on the corners, then split the shape so you can bend the four sides without twisting the other sides,

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