I have an object that I want to do in sketchup to show how it's built


I have a speaker stand that I built. I want to show all of the components. It has a wood top and bottom, 3" pvc pipe, all thread rod going from top to bottow, nuts for all thread are recessed and I have a steel cylinder for ballast that slides over the all thread. Will sketchup 2015 allow me to do this. I can add a picture if needed.


That certainly sounds like it is quite easy to do in SketchUp. Don’t model the threads in the rod, though, if necessary, use a texture instead.



I haven’t used sketchup that much. Is there a tutorial.



Then search for "SketchUp"
There are tutorials that take you through every tool.


You don’t have to search. SU is listed third in the “Technology” menu. Good luck.