I draw a rectangle, Sketchup creates a volume - unwanted

Hello, sometimes when I add a rectangle bridging an opening, Sketchup adds all the other faces of a cuboid, closing off a room. Today I had made a floor of some thickness, then added four walls, but I made the last wall short, leaving room for a door. Then I made a rectangle representing the wall above the door, and I was planning to pull this rectangle to the thickness of the wall. But the moment I made this rectangle, Sketchup added a horizontal rectangle as a ceiling over the room, and also added a rectangle that closes the door opening.

Then I undid my rectangle, and all three rectangles disappeared.

Then I tried to create the missing part of the wall starting from another face, but again, Sketchup added additional faces. Last time, i got a cuboid filling the part of the room above the door opening.

Is there a way to control this?

I am using Sketchup 2016 because I have Windows 32 bits, and there is no 32 bit version of Sketchup 2017. I have three days left of the trial period, so I am having a pro version for the moment.

You can control this by making groups or components of the geometry. When you make the floor of some thickness, select all geometry and make a group (or component) start drawing the walls and repeat.


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