I cant see kml file in google earth web

Im tying to upload the kml I exported from sketchup but when I upload to google earth web(the online version) doesnt show anything.

What i can do? And i need to open in google earth web not the desktop one.

I uploaded the sketchup project here:

I will apreciate all the help.

This looks like a problem for Google to sort out. It’s not a SketchUp problem. The exported KMZ opens just fine in the desktop version. Why do you require it to open in the web version of Google Earth?

By the way, purging unused stuff from your files once in awhile wouldn’t hurt.

Screenshot - 12_4_2020 , 5_07_16 PM

This reduced your file size by more than 89%.

It’s also a good idea to get in the habit of using Tags correctly and keep all edges and faces untagged.

Screenshot - 12_4_2020 , 5_11_16 PM

They want google earth online for showing to people via web by sending them the kml they dont want any mobile app or desktop app.

Well, I guess you’ll need to get in touch with Google about that.

Ok, I will, thank you!.

Good luck with it.

I believe that Google stopped accepting user kml in the web version some time ago. It only works in the desktop Google Earth.

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I have the same design outdated some months ago and it works in the web.

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