Hyperlinks for Digital Twins

Hello from downtown Raleigh, NC! I’m working on a 3d model of the NC museum of history for various internal(exhibit design, drawings, animations, artifact scans, new hire orientation, building maintenance, square footage for events, paint colors, etc) and external uses and was thinking it would be an amazing resource to allow intuitive access for employees and members to the shared drive where all the exhibit design, curation, graphics, education and event documents live. I envision something like a light study but in lieu a geolocation and time of year you could put in date and the twin would be populated with the exhibits and events were taking place at the time. It seems like the easiest way to do this would be to attach a hyperlink to a model of an artifact(or stl etc of a scan), graphic or interactive that would lead to a file with the associated documents. Is it possible to add hyperlinks to groups/components etc? Any and all advice would be much appreciated! Peace y’all!

Yes under Advanced Attributes (entity info window) there’s a field to add a URL.

I could imagine you create a Microsoft Power BI dashboard that links to your event schedule. Then you can create an interactive dashboard that will let you select a date and interactively see all associated data for each zone/space/room of your museum. Or you could select such a zone and then see a schedule for that zone… The usecases are endless with a tool like Power BI.

Now, out of the box, Power BI does not support visualizing 3d models. And that is why I respond to this post on a SketchUp forum telling you to use Power BI: I have created a tool that will let you visualize 3D models created with SketchUp in Power BI, called 3DBI: 3DBI for SketchUp | KG-dev

Instead of trying to bring all sorts of data to SketchUp I tried to inverse that process and bring SketchUp models to your data. There are some examples on the webpage. None of them describe your exact usecase but I am convinced that it should be possible to link your museum schedule data to a 3d model of the building and combine them into an interactive human-readable dashboard.

To give you an idea. Here is a dashboard that links data about a port (coming from Excel) to an abstract 3D model of that port (created in SketchUp): Microsoft Power BI

Imagine these were not containers, but abstract representations of the spaces in your building that you can select and then see all associated data to those spaces. That data can come from Excel, or just about any other data source that is supported by Microsoft Power BI. Here is a link that gives you more information about the supported data sources:Data sources in Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

Let me know if you would like to have a chat about it.

I see that but I am hoping to use the model as a more intuitive and user friendly interface(rather than just a list of shared drives) for all staff. Is there a way to activate the component so you are taken to URL when you click on the component? Or do you have go in to entity info? Thanks

Thanks! That is closer to what I’m thinking, so you wouldn’t have to go in to entity info. So once I click a container it is isolated but I can’t seem to get back to all the other containers. Thanks for your time!

Click on the container again to deselect it:)

I might need to change that behavior :slight_smile:

got! I’m just used to SU so I default to those commands. I will give the plug in a try

Great. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or remarks :slight_smile:

Is that plug in for sale? I am a low level state employee so it’s a difficult purchasing process. Thx

Correct. It is a commercial extension.

I’ll just have to sell it to my boss then. Thanks

The extension comes with a 14 days trial. As suggested already, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or remarks :slight_smile: