Creating an interactive 3D space

I want to create a 3D warehouse with aisles of shelves of boxes, where i can search for the specified box and it would show me where that box is inside the warehouse. How would I do this in sketchup, and if not, where can i import the model to where i can accomplish this?

Talk to Kenny maybe


Thank you for referencing me, @mihai.s , I appreciate it!

@leon4thewin I actually just finished a tutorial for this specific case a few minutes ago: How-To – Custom 3D Power BI visual of a warehouse | KG-dev

A few years ago I would have answered your question with: “I can help you by creating a custom SketchUp extension that can connect to your data and let you search and colorize objects using that data.” Today, I still can help you by creating such an extension, if you really want to, but I believe that 3DBI offers everything you need. 3DBI is a toolchain we created that allows you to export your 3D SketchUp model into Microsoft Power BI. If you do not know Power BI: it is a tool by Microsoft that allows you to connect to various datasources, link them all together and visualize them in an interactive dashboard. With 3DBI you can now also link that data to a 3D model.

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