How would you change the color

hydrangea.skp (500.0 KB)

I got this model from the 3dw. Let say you wanted to change the flowers from white to lavender. Is there a way to change all of them at once?

Given the way the model is built, the easiest way is to edit the material used to paint the flowers.

George has the easiest method in this case.

hydrangea.skp (519.4 KB)

Well how did you select just the flowers? I tried to find the flower groups. Maybe I went to far in? I tried to edit by selecting on screen, but if I tried to “pour” on that it would just color a few of the faces.

I didn’t select just the flowers. I just edited the color in the In Model materials library.

Right after I posted that I looked back at his screenshot. I was hung up in the entity window. Oh for goodness sakes… Thanks.

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Thank you.

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