How to view scenes in public link with trimble connect model + units not saving for project:

Hi there, is there no way to view different scenes or views in a public url trimble connect link?

I also notice that when trying to change the projects unit settings, they revert back to normal and do not save what I’ve chosen. I have chosen imperial measurements instead of metric and cannot get the imperial measurements to save in the units settings when on the online web trimble connect app.

Sharing views is restricted to members of the Project.
You can export views in Trimble Connect for Windows, though.

Trimble Connect for Windows:

3D Viewer (web based):

Thanks for the contents, I’ll check it all out! It’s really too bad we can’t see views in a public online link for non members. I think that’s a no brainer, my clients shouldn’t have to become members to look at different views of a model…

You can share the model, though.
Why wouldn’t you give your clients access to (their) project?
You can set rules and restrictions to user groups, so they won’t see stuff that they shouldn’t.

After the project is finished, you could hand over the project when the maintenance lifecycle starts.
Consider it as a service €$£¥…

You have a good idea, but the problem is I have to get them to sign up for a tirmble account to have the permissions I’m asking for, correct? I guess I should look into this a bit more…

EDIT: I am giving them access to their project by sharing with them a public url link, I don’t see why I have to get them to sign up just so they can change views… I think the fewer steps the better, signing up is just another step when all I’m really trying to do is get my clients to view the different scenes of a model without having to signup for an account to do that. Pretty straight forward request that clearly should be implimented. The more you make your clients do, the more of a pain it is for everyone.

Simple sharing and viewing without having to signup is a reasonable request, isn’t it?