How to use the forum

As a complete newbie, I guess I first need to learn how to use this forum and how to communicate. So, my first question would be, how I can post something here? Any clues? (Maybe I’ll find out right now… :wink:

Looks like you were successful.

Just a note, though. Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free (the web version). It would be best to choose that category when you post because that helps others identify what tools you have available and guide you with where to look for them.

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Another good tip is to always upload a drawing file when you can. It saves those responding a ton of time otherwise trying to guess a described problem.


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So, in the interest on how to best use the forum… this topic you created is in the Meta category and asking about forum use. To get the most from our community, I would recommend starting a NEW topic in the SketchUp category with you questions about using SketchUp. In general, a single topic about a single issue made apparent by the title will get the best advice.

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OK, will do so next time. Thanks

Each new user is sent a private message that explains the basics.
Go to your avatar menu (top right, “T” icon) and click the envelope icon.

The system message should provide a link to the forum rules, and explain how you can take the tutorial by sending a private message to discobot.

I also suggest setting your “Default Home Page” on the “Interface” properties to “Categories”.
It will better enable you to lean the organization of the forum.