Help placing items in a container

Hi Simon CB Evans,

thanks for the advice. As you can see here, I managed to align the boxes. So my next question would be how I can demonstrate how these two rows would fit in a 40-feet shipping container. Is there a way to sketch a translucent box around the racks? How would I do that? Thanks & best regards

Make a box and make the faces partly ir wholly translucent.

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You can just draw the container Size you want… and Group It… so that it doesn’t end up sticking/attaching to any other raw geometry in your model.

A couple of Transparency Materials are already in the materials panel… such as Glass, and Water, and those are ready to use. { Though it’s also possibly to edit any other material and lower those transparency settings, if you wanted to. }

You can use the VCB box to specify precise measurements. Similar to what’s seen here…

Just make sure to enter in 40’,… so you don’t end up with 40 meters, or something else… according to whatever your Unit Values you have assigned.

See the… Model Info Panel if you want to change the settings you’ve made. Like maybe you’d rather have Meters in play, rather than Millimeters at the >10m scale.

Model Info Units (Meters)

Hi, thanks very much for so many helpful answers. I have now managed to create a box (40-feet container) with glass walls as you can see here.

Bu although I chose glass it actually isn’t. What do I need to do to create real translucent surfaces?

You have chosen a ’mirror’ texture from that list.
Choose another.

Hi Mike,

thanks! You were right. I changed this now. It looks a lot better now doesn’t it :slight_smile:

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It does.

Another thing you could have done was to make the outer box as a group and then erased just the faces. Like this:

That’s a great idea! Thanks a lot Simon

You’re welcome.

I have a lot of SU extensions but I only make real use of a handful of basic ones. One of those is a selection tool that allows me to highlight either all faces or all lines in a selection. It’s so useful!