How to update module in sketchup plugin



Hi to all, developers! I have some question. I made some plugin for sketchup using the ruby api. Now i want to make some update module in this plugin, it should check new versions on the server, and update it, if is neadable, is it possible to do it? I saw some button in extension manager, but how to program this button? Maybe there are some examples how to do it…


You need to register as a developer, and then publish you’re extension on the Trimble SketchUp Extension Warehouse in order to update via the Extension Manager.

To publish and update via the SketchUcation PluginStore, visit


That applications bring their own updater program is a bad habit.

  • Duplication of development effort
  • Unnecessary risk of implementing things in an insecure way
  • Inconsistent and potentially annoying user experience if every installer/updater works and feels differently, performance impact.

Software should be published in a declarative package format (declares what is contained, what it requires etc.), and should leave it up to the shared package management system to execute the installation.

Update functions are only so common due to the lack of centralized software/package management on some systems. Unlike to that, SketchUp does have rbz as package format, Extension Warehouse as repository and an update infrastructure. That’s why it’s better to make use that.


The Update functionality in Extension Manager works only if you have your extension hosted on Extension Warehouse. Then you get the update functionality for free.