How to turn off catalog mode on 3dwarehouse?

I always liked 3d warehouse. Needed something, just search, find something you like, download and put in your drawing, easy, can’t make easier…

…but you can make it harder, now with catalog, you search, and find 10 catalogs with the same image, click one of the catalogs, and inside it there isn’t even the image on the title, have to go back, reload the page, try another catalog, and another, finding many repeated images, or even having to open catalogs inside catalogs.

Images I had no difficulty finding in the first search, now I search through everything and can’t find anything similar.

Even worst, I can’t even turn off this catalog search.

Hi Gilberto,

You can go back to the old search behavior by selecting either “Search for Models” or “Search for Catalogs” from the Search settings available on the search box (here’s a picture).

@jbacus is “Catalog” and “Collection” the same ?

A Catalog is a payed feature for manufacturers/companies etc. to display their Collections via the 3DWH.

I was prodding John (@jbacus), because he was saying one thing, but showing something else.

John must have a bug:)