How to trim overlapping curves


I want to trim the scrolls so they fit together. I want to get rid of the overlapping, but I can’t use the trim tool as it is not a solid object.


For something that simple, open the group/component for editing, draw short line segments at the points where the curves cross and erase the unwanted bits.


I double click to open the component, draw the line, and it still erases the whole thing.


It sounds like maybe you need to open another group/component so you can get to the edges inside.

How about sharing the SKP file so I can see exactly what you’ve got and get you sort instead of guessing at what’s happening.


mystic drive railing.skp (332.1 KB)


That was exactly it. You need to drill down to the lowest level group to get at the edges.

After opening the lowest level group, I drew a line segment from the intersection. Then I erased the unwanted bits.


you the man, thanks so much!


Thank you.

FWIW, if you intend to create faces and possibly a 3D model, you’ll need to explode some if not all of the groups. If you do that, they should all intersect and you can erase all the unwanted segments from there.



ok, so i have everything like I want it, but when i explode, i do not get the blue face or anything to push/pull to make it 3d.


You have to find the gaps and close them up.

There are a number of places where edges overlap slightly. Those need to be erased. You might find it easiest to explode all of the groups and the draw a large rectangle. Select all of the geometry and run Intersect Faces. The edges of the pattern should switch to normal edges. Any that are still showing as Profile edges will need to be examined closely for gaps and overlaps. Once you have all the edges showing as thin regular edges, you should be able to delete the faces that would be the empty space.

I would have started drawing this on a large rectangle to begin with. It would be easier and would have eliminated the need to go back to hunt for the problem spots.


i asked a dumb question haha, thanks so much. im already on it!



I posted in the forum, but I figured that I would also ask you since you have been so helpful.

I am trying to produce a cut list from my scroll components. I have installed “Cutlist” but I cannot find anything to help me do what I need. How should I go about measuring them manually for cutting steel stock, or is there a way to produce a cut list?

scroll components.skp (276.3 KB)


I saw your other thread and responded there.

The Cutlist extensions won’t be useful for this.