How to transfer Hi-Res Near Map to another model and fix skew

I purchased a Hi-Res Near Map image through the ‘geo-location’ setting in SketchUp Pro.
Is there a way to move or copy and save the image outside the model? Can it be imported or copied into a different model?
When the Hi-resolution image was automatically inserted into my empty model it was slightly skewed to the axis’ in the model. By skewed I mean the grid in the Hi-Res image was not parallel with the X, Y grid of the model. Is there a way to straighten it out or does it match some global coordinate system? See the attached pdf file.Hi-Res Image placement skewed.pdf (1.5 MB)
Thanks for your help.

The image can (once unlocked, if it was locked on import) can be rotated just like any other SU object. So it should be easy to align it with the axes.

Just check that the axes you have haven’t themselves been rotated - either deliberately or by accident. R-click on any axis line and see if Reset is grayed out - if so you have the SU ‘world’ axes. If it is not grayed* out, click Reset to get back to the original model axes.

On import the terrain group will be locked so it is protected from accidental modification, bounding box red. Right click on it and select unlock. To transfer your terrain to a new file you can select the terrain with a singe click, copy it, open a new SketchUp file and use Edit>Paste in Place to paste the terrain into the same location in a new file.

As John said terrain is just geometry and once unlocked and can be manipulated or rotated any way you like, as you would with any other geometry. However keep in mind though that if you rotate the terrain you are changing it’s relationship with North and any shadows generated will no longer be accurate. Terrain is location specific and is imported set to it’s true north. If you want a deep dive into this subject you can read up here.

Thank you for your quick and helpful replies.

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To avoid confusion, let me note that in my post that @endlessfix quoted, I got the two directions mixed up.

For the correction and deep dive, so to speak, see the subsequent post, with the key point being that upon geolocating, SketchUp’s positive green axis will be interpreted as pointing to UTM Grid North.

That choice of orientation may not be the expected or obvious one, but I am sure there were good and rational reasons for it.

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