How to to make a guide point permanent?

I imported an articulating TV wall mount and was using it in a model. It has guide points that can be used to rotate the arms into various positions. Problem is, at some point I did “Delete All Guidelines” and now all those guide points are gone. I’m pretty sure I can put them back - but is there a way to make them permanent? So that “Delete All Guidelines” can’t delete them?

I seem to remember that there’s a plugin that can selectively lock guides to prevent their deletion by the usual ‘Edit/Delete guides’ menu selection.

Recollection confirmed - it’s a Fredo extension from SketchUcation.

From the description, looks as if it should do what you want.

Can you use plugins in Sketchup for Web?

No, the Web versions can’t use plugins or extensions - sorry, I didn’t look at your profile before replying, and should have.

But you also say you use SU 2019. Please update your profile to show which is the one or ones that you actually use - it can considerably affect the response to your questions.

If you are using SU Web for hobby or personal use only, you might also consider using SU Make 2017 - the last free desktop version. But like the Free Web version, it is not licensed for commercial work. The Make version can use plugins and extensions. Most of them will work in v2017 (whether Make or Pro), except a few which use later versions of Ruby, or which depend on Pro features not present in Make, like (to take just one example), Solid Tools.

Guides cannot be permanent but there’s no reason you couldn’t draw a small X with the line tool at the location you want the point.

You can group the guides and lock the group I reckon.

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Good idea but guides will be deleted even from a locked group if Delete Guides is used.

Hmm, that should be fixed :slight_smile:
I don’t think I’ve ever thought about this, go figger.
I just use and delete them.

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I think you’ll find locked groups would defeat the purpose as they should move with the articulation but won’t.

I’ve never wanted permanent guides either.

Normally if you want hinge/rotation points you create a bit of geometry and put it on a hidden layer for when you need it.

You really don’t need the guide points anyway. You can use inferencing to find the centers of rotation without them.

Now explode the arcs and try again :laughing:

Only an idiot would do that! :smiley:

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You are quite right Dave they generally aren’t needed on a good model, but there are many less than great models out there.
Plus I have used geometry rotation points on things that have a more complex end, like a smooth ball joint, so much easier to have a set of grab points on a hidden tag.

Note to self, stop exploding arcs. :crazy_face:

I have some components that have little X’s drawn for centers of rotation, too. But, at least in the case of the component in question, there’s no need for anything because inferencing works fine.

The post is tagged with “SketchUp for Web”

Yes, I see that now but missed it to start with.

Why not import it again?

I use a free plugin called Locked Guide Saver and use a shortcut for this script instead of Delete Guides. I group the guide points I want to protect and lock the group. Works great! (of course, not on the web version)