How to taper the end of a pipe

Maybe taper is not the correct wording, but I want the end of a 2" dia pipe railing to be spherical, not just a flush cut. Tried playing with Fredo scale, but had no luck.

Maybe you might have more luck with Follow Me?

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maybe this? copy and rotate the end circle 90 degrees bisect it and follow me around using first circle.Smooth.



Or like this:

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Hi thanks for the gif. I tried to replicate it, but i was getting wonky shapes. Can’t see which tools you are selecting. I want to taper 3/4’s of the diameter of the bottom end of a vertical railing corner post where it meets the vertical face/corner of the floor. Just to have a clean termination. railing taper.skp (922.1 KB)

Do you want the vertical railing cut out to mate with the corner of the floor? Your railing taper model shows the railing overlapping the floor. You can run an Intersect Faces routine to cut away the railing where it meets the floor. It’s not clear what part of the railing you want to taper, if indeed that’s what you want.

Yes I want the 3/4 quarters that is beyond the floor plate to be an almost completed sphere termination. The 1/4 of the pipe that is within the floor plate in reality would terminate at the top surface of the floor and the remainder would come down the corner 9" in this case

Then I’d suggest an Intersect Faces routine. Here’s how I would do it:
Copy the vertical rail and the floor and move those components off to the side. (If they aren’t components, make them components.) Single-click on the floor and go to Edit>Component>Explode. With the floor geometry still selected, go to Edit and choose Cut. Double-click the rail component and go to Edit>Paste in place. This puts the floor geometry within the rail component. Select everything in the component and go to Edit>Intersect Faces>With selection. Erase the waste to produce the desired cutout on the rail. Delete the copy. You may need to re-made the floor a component.

Best solution to your problem is here:
Make sure you load the latest iteration of LibFredo6 before you install round corner.