Frame smooth mounting end


Hello I’m trying to make a tube end fitting with a smooth surface (from tube to flat)and one side (contact place) flat.
see picture.
pls. advice
stoelframe2.skp (365.3 KB)


Is the tapered tab with the hole in it supposed to be part of the tube? Or is it added on to the flattened end of the tube?


It’s all made from the tube.
When there is something to repair I like to use SU for a drawing.
This is a good learning process.


Add. I tried to use separate parts bringing together an d than intersect to model.


There are a number of threads related to drawing the transition from round to flat. You might have a search using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right part of the forum screen.


for SU Make nothing useful found. any advise?


Did you read this thread? I see some options for SU Make here.


Thanks for the info. I’ am going to work with those examples.


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