How to snap an object onto the surface of another one

I’m using sketchup for quite a while (woodworking) but now I’m experiencing new problem.
I am creating a (working) table and want to add hinge for the legs to the table design.
I created the the table and downloaded and imported a hinge for the model.
I now want to snap the hinge with one side underneath the table top. I tried the rotating tool but I can’t manage to align the one side of the hinge with the tabletop board.
Any advise or any trick I could use?

PS. How can I upload a model from Sketchup-web to this post?
GardenSlatsTable.skp (1.8 MB)
… here is the model.

Download the SketchUp model file to your computer and then drag it and drop it into a reply here.

Please correct your forum profile. It’s clearly out of date. That information helps us help you because it lets us know what tools you have available.

Basics of SketchUp at

DaveR : why do you think it’s ‘clearly’ out of date?

Mihai.s: So the rotate tool was the right pick. It’s just the way how to do it.
The video shows it clearly.

Because this

Doesn’t match this:
Screenshot - 1_18_2023 , 3_44_34 PM

If you set up your components correctly they will just insert where you want them. Sounds like what Mihai showed you will satisfy your question so that’s ok.

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Well, I’m using both alternating. So both is correct… Sketchup Make 2017 & Sketchup web.

The answers given for a particular question will sometimes be different depending on the SketchUp version used.

And the answer accepted may be ‘correct’ without being the best option.

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