How to show small objects large but keep their original dimensions

Hi I am using Sketchup Make 2017 resident on my PC. I would like to draw a small object large but keep it’s original dimensions. Right now I am using scale to show object at 2x but my dimensions are also 2x. I would like to show it 2x but when I do dimensions I would like them to be correct (same as object at 1x). Is it possible?



Two options. Zoom in closer to it or edit the dimensions and type them in.

What is the object and how are you using it?

Duh! did not know I could edit dimensions. That would work, it is a simple nut with one thru hole.


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Is there a reason you can’t just zoom in closer to the nut?

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That would work for me to see it better but I need to send a pdf to the shop and would like to to be big for readability. I export 2D for sharing.

You shoud be able to zoom in on the nut and make it fill the page in your PDF export.

Here’s an example with a tiny little shaker style knob.

Set up to print in Adobe Reader after exporting the PDF.
Screenshot - 10_15_2022 , 11_12_49 AM

I am not well versed but am trying to get better. I learned to draw mechanical drawing by watching videos. I know it is not perfect but attached is an example. I use this template over and over and has been working for me. So I would like to keep my sheet size same and show small objects large. The attached object is large enough that it did not matter.
Clamp Base Version 1.0.skp (145.8 KB)

Try reducing the size of the SketchUp window to more closely match your rectangle.

In the export options untick Full Scale and Set the paper width and let height take care of itself.
Screenshot - 10_15_2022 , 11_34_02 AM

Clamp Base Version 1.pdf (22.8 KB)

Is this just for your own use? This would be much easier to do and make look good in LayOut.

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Done in LayOut just for fun.
Clamp Base Imran.pdf (17.7 KB)

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Thanks Dave. It is just for me. If I adjust the scale for printing then I will need to draw a smaller drawing frame. I assume Layout is in the paid version and cheapest option is $119. If I use more in future, I will look into getting it.

LayOut is part of the SketchUp Pro package so not part of SketchUp Go (the $119 option).

Thanks Dave.

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