How to show all Dynamic Components "closed" in 1 Scene, but "open" in another?

Imagine a cabinet with some doors.

You want to show a Scene with all doors closed, then make another Scene, click on Interact on each item, and show them all open.

How would you accomplish that?

If I open all doors and go back to the 1st scene, they’re all open there as well.

Is there a way to bind the Dynamic Component STATE to a Scene?

Right now, I’m making a work-around by creating 2 sets of these components, and selectively hiding the open/closed ones by Scene - but that’s a waste of time & duplicate geometry.

Unfortunately, no. As a workaround you can do it without dynamic properties by having copies of the doors in their open and closed states on different tags.

Yeah, that’s the work-around I arrived at as well. Eh. Thought there was an easier way.

Object position/orientation is not a scene property so the differently tagged copies of the components is the way to do it. Since it is the intended way to do it, I wouldn’t consider it a workaround.