Scene not saving the changing state of my dynamic component

Hi all,
Why my scene is not saving the changing state of my dynamic component? A door is closed in scene 1 and open in scene 2 but when i updated scene 2, the door is updated in scene 1 too!
The scene correctly save the changing camera. All boxes are checked
Any advice?

Scenes don’t save dynamic component states.

Thank you for you quick answer! It should be implemented…

Perhaps. The problem with Dynamic Components is that it is a plugin so it is not wholly integral to SketchUp. The system has lots of things that would require some nurturing by the developers.

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That would be like opening a can of worms and is most likely never going to happen.

Look at the list of properties that get saved or updated with scenes:

Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 00.32.01

So rater simple data that can easily be stored.

DCs can be(come) very complex and there’s an endless variety of geometry with their attributes and other data that would need to be stored: as there is (number of) copies, positions, scales, tags, conditions, nesting, etc.
I can imagine that it would be impossible to catch all possible options of DCs.

Make two instances of the dynamic component, one with the door open and one closed, assign each a different Tag and have only one of those Tags visible i each scene. Therefore one has an open door and one has a closed door.

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I believe it was actually intended to work the other way around, Dynamic Components can trigger scenes.
But there is a can of worms there, too

I cannot try it at the moment, but the Hidden Objects and Hidden Geometry options in Scene, Properties to update applies also to things inside components. You could try editing your door component, placing two instances of your door leaf components in the open and closed positions and then regulating their visibility with a parameter. Of course the same can also be done with a tag.

Scenes are really just saved views. They don’t save geometrical changes. If a DC relies on visibility states for subcomponents, I think it would support scenes, but not if it e.g. physically rotates a door.