How to show two positions of Dynamic hinged doors


I have a model with a dynamic component that includes a hinged cabinet that swings from one alignment to another when I activate it.

I want to show the cabinet in its two positions on different pages of my Layout document, but if I change it on one page it is moved on the other as well.

Can I attach the two positions to different SUP17 scenes? Is there a tutorial to see how this is done?


It not rocket science.

You insert two instances. Associate each instance with a layer of it’s own.
A “Closed” layer, and an “Open” layer.

The “Open” layer is OFF in the “Closed” scene. Update the layer.
The “Closed” layer is OFF in the “Open” scene. Update the layer.

Now switch to the “Open” scene. Select the component instance and right-click it, choose “Make Unique”.
(This creates a unique component definition for this instance, so you can edit it without affecting the “closed” one.)

Now activate the DC Interact tool, and open the door on the (now unique) instance.

Save the model.

Now switching between the two scenes, will show one with door closed, one with it open.

Here’s an example, using the sampler Mailbox component:

Mailbox_2_door_positions_2016.skp (135.1 KB)

Notice that there are scenes for use with LayOut, and that there are two scenes for printing with the doors in both positions.

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