How to set the depth of section cut

Is there a way to set the depth of a section cut to easily hide unwanted items deeper in the section? I know it can be done manually on each cut by selecting unwanted items and hiding but a quicker, cleaner method would be great

You can have two or more section cuts simultaneously active if you place them inside a group or component.

Making a giant white grouped vertical face and placing it inside the section-cut will 'hide everything behind it.
Put in on a separate layer with the section-plane…
I think that 6 years ago I made ‘WhiteOut’ - it needs ‘offset.rb’ from Smustard and probably needs updating [a lot], but it’s easy enough to do manually…
WhiteOutPlane.rb (6.7 KB)


A section cut hides all that is on one or the other (reverse section cut) side of the section plane for the context the section plane is in. For example: In a group it only applies to what is in that group.

To get a certain dept you need to apply two section planes that work in opposite directions, away from the “slice” you want to display.


Remember that a context can have more than one section plane. But only one can be active per context at one time. So both section planes in your case ought to be applied in two different contexts.
See image above.

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I remember reading about that in a post from Mike Begamyi. He said you made that for him. I’m not familiar with how to install an .rb file as an extension. Is it the same as rbz. Your solution works well for my timberframe designs along with super section because I don’t really want to make a bunch of groups out of the frame in order to cut sections although maybe I should try it. Thanks, Paul

My olde RB file predates the RBZ ways by many years !

Here’s a quick RBZ for you [containing everything that’s needed…
WhiteOutPlane.rbz (4.4 KB)

I can’t promise it’ll work…

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Thanks! That works just the way I wanted it to.

You can also use Fog. I’ve done that before too. It just fades out distant objects, not eliminate them completely. The foreground does jump out better with it.

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