Depth of section cut

Last year, there was a post thread to do with limiting the depth of field of a section cut. @TIG responded as follows:

“Here’s a quick RBZ for you [containing everything that’s needed…
WhiteOutPlane.rbz (4.4 KB)”

I have tried uploading that into the current version of SU but it won’t accept it. Is it only relevant to earlier versions? It’s a facility I would find quite useful.

Simon, could you expand on what you mean by “won’t accept it”?

Sure. I downloaded the extension to my Downloads folder. Then went into Extension Manager and tried to upload it. Nothing happened. I did it twice to make sure.

Create a section cut then right click it. You should see a context menu item for the extension and when you choose that item get a pop up dialog to choose offset and size of the plane.

It is a very old plugin and I’d not write it like this today !
…BUT it does work.
You use it by choosing a section-plane and right-click>context-menu…
It then adds a ‘white-face’ behind the section-plane at a chosen distance [and size]…

You and Steve are right. It is there. I was expecting it to show up in the Extension Manager and when it didn’t assumed something must have gone wrong.

I’ll try it out now!