How to Scale Definition of all scaled components via Script

I am in the process of importing a whole bunch of geometry from SolidWorks via the old trusted → export to STEP → import to Rhino → export to DWG → import to Sketchup path (long story…).

It works fine except that Sketchup thinks that the components are scaled (which has some unexpected effects when I apply materials.

I can fix this by right-clicking on a component and selection “Scale Definition” (see screenshot) but since I would need to do this a thousand times - would this be possible via script. Sort of

“ForEach Component (that is scaled) → apply: ScaleDefinition”

Not sure if I am making sense…

As an aside, I would use import to Rhino>Convert to mesh>reduce mesh>export as SketchUp. IMO Rhino generates impractically dense meshes if left unattended. Its SketchUp exports are otherwise OK.
Now that Rhino has Quads, that might be an option too, but I haven’t tried it.

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Perhaps ? :


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TIG Descaler. Of course… Works like a charm! @TIG → YOU ARE THE MAN! @dezmo → thanks for pointing it out!!! :slight_smile:

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Importing into Sketchup is definitely a task in itself… :slight_smile: fiddled around with settings like crazy but not I am really happy with my SolidWorks to Sketchup Workflow. The best part about the DWG option is that parts that are “the same” in SolidWorks will be “the same” (components) when they arrive in Sketchup…