How to quickly fill a large area with tall grass components? (Photo Included)


Looking to fill the roof of this building with individual tall grass components.

My problem is this: in order to space the components evenly I have resorted to creating a grid pattern along the roof (bubble A.) This is both time consuming when covering a large area, and also somewhat ineffective due to the complex shape an area can be.

I was wondering if there way a way to select an area (in this case the entire roof) and tell photoshop to place a component in the center of every 24" evenly spaced. Then if I desire them to be grouped tighter I could easily change the grid spacing from 24" to 18"?

There must be a way to place landscape components apart from manually inserting them.


These should help you apply arrays that you can multiply or divide the distance in between two copies, also can be applied radially…Peace…


Have a look at Make Fur.


In the near future, there will be the plugin ($) Skatter with more options too.


You can run an extension over those arrays to get a less patterned, or stamped result.

See Chris Fullmer’s extensions… which adds in rotation, and also scales components as a group.

and as an alternative approach to the move tools array method… There is also a plugin called copy along path.

Using a combination of an irregular path, and then adding in the scale and rotation changes afterwards should get a fairly randomized field of tiled components.

Best seen in this video…

Also Chris Fuller’s Repeat Copy, as seen here…


This is a great reply, thanks Jim. I will educate myself on the resources you provided!