How to Put Cross Hairs on a circle?

Hi all,
How to Put Cross Hairs on a circle? Is there a function for this?


This extension adds the context menu item, Point at Center

Example Ruby Scripts — Extension Warehouse

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Yeah, draw the crosshairs first!

You can draw CPoints with the pointtool plugin (and use the normal inference system to find the center of a circle).
There are a lot of options in Thomthoms GuideTools, if you need a CPoint in other situations…

It seems to me that the elephant in the room is that the OP might literally be asking for a circle and crosshairs, not a centerpoint; that is, a 2D diagrammatic symbol, not an object that can be used in any meaningful way in a 3D model. We have had many users conceive of projects whose objective is really some kind of 2D graphic, not a 3D object, and, naturally, they have run into problems trying to accomplish this with a 3D modeler.

Perhaps it would be useful if @cjakbaker would expand upon what he is trying to accomplish so we might better advise him.


I think you are correct,I’m thinking too much 2d & not 3d .
Thanks for the reply.


Well, okay, but until you give us a clear description of what you’re trying to do, we can only offer small observations based on what you have told us that may or may not do you any good.