How to Model Sloped Ground


This is my way to model a sloped ground.

First Step

a. Scan the sloped ground with your measured level points.
Bring it to scale by Tape (measure a known distance and type it to the dialog box “Measurements”)
ok for resize

b. Trace the border lines, erase the shape, only keep edges to see the levelpoints on the scan.

c. Aproximatly join the levelpoints by Freehand line.

Second Step

a. Push and Pull the shapes to the hight you want to get steps.

b. Join the edges of the steps with “Line”

c. Ad “North” Component

d. Move “North” and “Scan” to their own Layer to make them unvisible if needed by “Entity Info”.

e. Make sure “Sandbox” is active
(View - Toolbars - Sandbox)

Third Step

a. Mark the model and choose “Sandbox by Contours” … WOW.

b. Now cleanup the model and erase all edges you don’t need. Best way to do is from underneath.

c. To place the building choose “Camera - Parallel Projection” and view the model from top.To place it on the right level choose a Guideline to move Z.

d. Mark the building, choose “Drape” from the Sandbox Toolbar and click to the ground. The building contours are droped to the ground. The contour of the ground on the building you have to do manually.

e. Make the triangles visable by
"Window - Soften Edges"

This is how the model looks like.

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Position 3D Model on TOPO Parcel Map

An alternative way with the plugin Toposhaper (for me, this usually gives better results than the sandbox)…


You are still using my level pionts and ground in your images.


I’ve edited my own topic and deleted the model and the animation with your image (you must have seen it since you replied there). I didn’t realized that here was a link in the hyperlink to the other topic that didn’t changed with the context of my topic but has the linked model in it although it has been deleted there. Sorry for overlooking this.