How to model garbage bag inside a bin?

I am designing recycle bin and would like to model garbage bag inside it.
The bag should wrap around bin edge like reference photo.

What is a good why to mode it ?
I try to use

  1. Clothworks to simulate wrapping detail
  2. Vertex tool to pull this bag down on z axiz
    Result is just ok, but if I would like to model it closer to real garbage, can use share your model technique.

Thank you very much.

You need to think a bit about what you are modeling when you use Clothworks. Think about the shape of the bag, here I have just used a slightly tapered square, but you could make it very realistic.
Bin bag


Hi Box
Thanks for helping me again. This clip is very clear how to do it. I am going to test it :slight_smile:


Thank you for showing me how to Clothworks. After several attempts, here is my result.

BTW, Do you mind to share what is tool you use to capture video to post here ?
Video clip is a lot better to explain.

Thank you very much for your help.


There are a lot of video and gif capture apps available, many here use Licecap.


Thank you Box.
SketchUp forum just give me anniversary cake today. I consider this gif capture is a gift :smiley:

Shout Out to Clothworks… never needed it in my work but bloody amazing capability…


And a variant in which you use quads.



Wow! Thanks for sharing another technique in case user has to model this bag without Clothworks.
I already installed QuadFace Tools but don’t know how to use it. Thanks for this demo. Very helpful !
Actually this method allows better control detail.

Often the best results can be obtained by using a variety of tools. There is generally no one better way to do things.
If I needed to model this for myself I would probably do similar to @mihai.s and then ‘Relax it’ with clothworks.


Yes, better to learn different approach. I will try to learn QuadFace tools.
I see your post in “Out of the box”. There are many things to learn from.

Anyway your Clothworks demo, already help me get my job done :slight_smile:


Until you learn to work with QuadFace Tools, you can create that bag with Follow Me tool.
If you apply a PBR texture, it is possible to keep a low-poly model, even without the need for SUbD (maybe).

And then follow the steps in the previous gif (Random Tools, SUbD)


Oh!! This is so simple method. Just SketchUp native tool to get thing done.
Yes, for my project this bag is only a prop to help people understand how to use product. It is better to keep poly low. Follow me is more powerful than I think. Thanks for sharing.
Also I just learn how useful random tools is.

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As is often the case, when you think you need something complex, simple may well be the right answer.