How to model a Celtic Knot

Best way to model a Celtic knot ? Got this in 2d but now I’m struggling

viking.skp (290.2 KB)

What exactly do you try to accomplish?
A vectorial 2D model of that image?

A 3D model?

You struggling with what?

mihai.s beat me to asking the question. What exactly do you want it to look like? Maybe something like this with the background carved away?

Or are you thinking of something more like a knot tied in cord?

Similar things have been done before:

Thanks for the suggestions. I was struggling to get it to 3d , that woven thing under and over.etc.
thanks again

Does that mean you want it to look more like what @TheOnlyAaron did in the thread Anssi linked to?

Yes but maybe more like "a knot tied in a cord " like you showed

Sorry I meant the one with the red background

So just a carved thing and not the cord? For that I would first go in and add the gaps that represent one line running under the other like in the image you imported. Then you should be able to put that on a large face and use Push/Pull to create the relief. Push the background in since it should be just one face. Here’s a closer view of the thing I showed before. You can see the gaps.

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ok this is like an optical illusion everything is still is same plane. How would you go about doing a knot in a cord ?

First, based on what you said about the thing I showed, I went ahead and made it that way. To save some time I used the image you had imported along with Image Trimmer, a tool in TIG’s SKM Tools extension to create the geometry. It’s a little rougher than yours but it could be cleaned up.

Mine isn’t all in the same plane. It’s meant to represent the pattern carved into wood with shallow relief.

To make it look like it is tied in cord, I would model the centerline paths of the cords and a circle for the profile of the cord. Then I’d use Follow Me to extrude the cord. The path would be 3D with arcs used where the cord passes over or under. Since the thing is symmetrical you real could get by with modeling a quarter of it. Copy that quarter and flip the copy vertically to end up with a half. Then rotate/copy the half to make the other side.

FWIW, this is the whole of the one I showed earlier.

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That´s very nice thanks a lot. I´ll try the cord thing for sure.

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Thank you and good luck. Show us what you wind up with.

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finally I got around finishing thatceltic-knot.skp (3.7 MB)

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