Overhand Knot

Knot able to sleep so doodling.

3D printable, too.


very nice! it would be cool to put several together to form a single continuous path through multiple knots… like one of those celtic knot thingies…

But then it’s already a Knotnection…
(:innocent: )

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Thanks you. Fairly easy to put a bunch of knots together. A little more of a challenge to decide how to orient them.

I have done Celtic borders and knot work in SketchUp before.


If I keep going I might end up with a sweater. :smiley:

After that you’d better have another beer! :beer:

Too late… the :beers: were before. :slight_smile:
But cheers :beer:

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I’d be interested in knowing how you did this. I had tried to do something like your knot for the start and stop points of the elastic cord on this critter cage I built for my granddaughter’s stuffed animals but couldn’t figure it out.
cage.skp (3.3 MB)

I mi=odeled the centerline of the knot and added a circle to use as a path.

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So, now you’re going to do a whole book of knots, right?

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Standing by for the Alpine Butterfly :popcorn:

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I don’t know. Ashley did a pretty thorough job of it.

Hmm… That might not be too difficult.

Macrame seems like a logical next step :slight_smile:

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I have a copy of it, you can beat someone to death with it, that would be a large amount of modeling work… :wink:

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It sure would be a lot. I’ll leave it for someone else, though.

I accidentally tied a Lithuanian Back Bender knot while sailing. It’s still tied years later. It can’t be drawn.

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LOL! Will it be one of your legacies?