How to mesh a area with a defined boundary

Any suggestions on creating a mesh from a defined boundary

Can you show an example of what you are trying to accomplish? There’s likely an extension to do what you want but which one to recommend depends on exactly what you are starting with.

Attached is a rough outline on what I want to mest. The LOT component if the plan outline and the lines define the actual height offsets.

Lot~.skp (165.9 KB)

So something like this? Fredo6’s Curviloft makes quick work of it.

You could also use Soap Skin and Bubble which is available in the Extension Warehouse.

Many thanks - can that be converted to a finer mesh… Not familiar with that extension

You could use something like SubD to divide it or if you divide the edges into a bunch of shorter segments, you’ll get a finer mesh. This was also done with Curviloft and I divided your longer edges.

Once again many thanks

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Sandbox from Contours tool:

For a finer mesh add guiding edges before running the tool.