How to make "wall diagrams" from a room?

I need to make 2D diagrams showing the configuration of walls (windows, clocks, decor, shelves, etc).

Is there a non-complicated / template-based / semi-automatic way of doing this?

In other words, I have a room in 3D, and I need the north wall separately, east wall separately, south wall separately, and west wall separately. Sort of like a 4-way section view, centered on each wall and facing each wall.

So I could just design the room in 3D and quickly output a “wall diagram”, without having to manually export each section & re-laying it in Illustrator / Corel.

Scenes, section cuts and LayOut. Learn to use both SketchUp and LayOut at

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As you were told, layout is the easiest and fastest way to do what you want, create scenes on sketchup with section planes showing the different walls. First add a section plane to show any part of the room you want, place the camera and create a scene, make sure that hidden objects are checked on the scenes tray, then hide the section plane, ad another one showing a different wall and repeat the process until you have all the scenes you need showing every wall, then save the file before sending it to layout, go to file/send to layout, Layout should open automatically, there you must choose a template, if you need a custom paper size just choose anyone and configure it going to file, document configuration. The layout file should have a viewport showing usually the latest scene you created on sketchup, but you can change it from the sketchup model tray, also choose the rendering mode, raster is the default one, it’s the lightest but the image quality isn’t the best, vector as it name says shows the image with vector lines, you can set the width, color and style of the lines of the entire viewport or set a different line style for every tag you created on sketchup and hybrid mode is a mix of raster and vector, it’s useful if you have textures or colors that you want to show on your document, the vector mode won’t show materials, it’s just the lines. You can also set a scale if you’re scene was made using parallel projection. Once you’ve set the viewport make a copy of it either moving holding Alt, using the contextual menu or the classic shortcuts to copy and paste, go to the sketchup model tray chose a different scene and set it up again, repeat this process until you have all your scenes ready, place them on the paper space, add text, dimensions, or anything you need and if you need to print it I recommend to export it to PDF.