How to make shadows on corners with emissive in Vray

Hello masters, i have problem about emissive material.
I want to make render for 20mm solid opal acrylic material. with and without light. when i try to make with light, result being little unrealistic.
for example my result being like that;
without light:

with light:

As you see, there is no shadows on inner corners.

Here it is realistic render example:

Is there any setting on Vray to make shadows like above example?

Thank you.

hello, you can try adding a little transparency to your emissive material. also ty to reduce intensity

With a Curvature tex into Color slot (Emissive material)

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While not as simple or elegant as @mihai.s 's suggestion, depending on the construction of this illuminated letter, you could make the outside opaque and copy the letter and place inside and make that emissive…sot hat it shines ‘through’ the outer material.

Here it is with the outside container emissive:

And here with the inside object emissive and outside ‘translucent plastic’. I’ve also enabled ‘lens effects’ in the frame buffer for this test:

Edit: Here is a zoomed in view in case that helps see the edges/corners better:

Pro Tip: Adjusting the exposure and highlight burn sliders can help refine the amount of edge/glow you want to show:


i’m so sorry for late answer. i was away from my computer. thanks for all replies. i solved my problem with your instructions. especially eric :slight_smile: thank you

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Great. Thanks for following up as it helps us help you when we know what works (or not!). Cheers.