How to make panels which aren't basic shapes... HELP please

I am basically trying to draw a door on to a igloo shape I have made but the door that I have drawn has gaps round the edges, I’m trying to fill them in but I can’t create a panel which makes the door flush with the igloo. Anyone have any links to a tutorial or any advice ? Thanks.

Why not jut cut the door out of the igloo?


An image, or even better the SKP itself, would help us to help you…
I expect that Gully’s suggestion is what you probably need, but without a few more clues it’s a guessing game…

I have tried to cut out the rounded shape using arcs on the igloo face but it wont like cut the face into sections for me to delete the panels to make the door way, it just draws the line and when I try to edit component it just selects the whole face not just the space where the door is… Im new to forums haha how do I add the SKP to this post ? Thanks for your help guys

You can drag+drop a SKP onto your post, or use the Upload button [7th from the left] available in the top-bar of the post creation pane… and choose the SKP.
Before adding it, please use Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused to ensure what we get is devoid of dross…

Inflatable Pod v1.skp (1.7 MB)

Think I did that right

Model Info > Units untick the Snap option and display m to 0.000 - make you life easier.
View > Hidden Geometry ON to see the surface divisions.

You seen to have delete two bays of panels for the door and messed around with the edges of the panels over the hole.
Why? Don’t you want the doorway to have a level ‘head’ ?

Do you want a rectangular door [pair of doors?] inserting into a hole?
Is so you’d be better off modeling that as a separate component and then stitching the reveals/head back into the surrounding dome facets…

Use the Intersect with Faces command to cut the door out of the igloo:


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Or make a suitably sized box and punch/intersect that ?

im actually trying to draw exactly that haha im a event manager and trying to transform the model from 3d warehouse which was a igloo into something shaped like this dome I have attached

I used that box technique and its worked a absolute treat haha just need to touch it up to try make it flush but yeah thats pretty much solved my problem ! haha