How to make an earth berm surface

I’m using SU 2017 Pro.
Can anyone suggest an easy way to do the following?
I want to draw an earth berm. It might look something like this in plan

(i.e. that might be the contour at elevation zero.)
I would like a cross section at any point to look something like this

I tried using Artisan “Sculpt” tool, but it seems to make a berm of constant width.
I could offset the perimeter inward and then raising each offset to make the contours, but the offsets get crazy (and I don’t want to buy SU 2017 just to solve that problem).

Anybody got any suggestions? Would Artisan have an easy way to do this? (I just used it today for the first time so I’m not competent with it).

Thanks for any help.


Hi huckrorick, had a go at your berm using the images you supplied. Scaled the plan image to 10 m long ways.
I traced the outline of the berm using Arc Tool, drew a centre line, copied it up & sideways for contours, connected them with the arc tool (this can be bit tricky) then made Terrain from Contours using Sandbox tool.

You could probably smooth more with Sandbox or Artisan smooth tools if you wanted too but depends on how precise you want your berm x-sect. to be. Otherwise draw some curves that match several x-sections and use those for contours to make terrain from.

Have attached file for you to check out. Hope it helps.
Stevos_BermTerrain.skp (424.5 KB)

Thanks Steve. I couldn’t quite follow your process.
The result doesn’t need to be any smoother. Yours is plenty smooth. One part of the result that is not what I had in mind is that I wanted the berm to vary in height, i.e. wider sections would rise higher (since they would have similar slope but more space to rise up).

PS. How did you create the center line?

It’s just a matter of adjusting the sculpt brush strength, size and type.
It’s up to you how much detail you want to give it.

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