How to make an array growing in height

Anyone know an easy way to make an array like this?

To make this I drew a line with the slope I wanted and then scaled (stretched) each component up to the line.
However, it didn’t seem to snap on the line. And that is a tedious way to do it if there are very many elements.
Anyone know an easy way to do it?

If you have a first and last position you can do it with Ctrl+Move tool creating an array by entering /x in the vcb.

Have a look at Tig’s plugin, Grow.

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Neat ! I might have a use for that in some future design . .

This plugin is very cool. However, it seems like I can’t get it to do what I want. I want to increase the height of each element by a fixed amount (e.g. 6"). I only seem to get a fixed increment with a scaling factor of 1.0 and then the increment in height is equal to the height of the component. If I use any other scaling factor the increment in height is non-linear.
Any advice?

Borrowing Jean’s line: See the attached file for ideas for doing this with a dynamic component.
increment.skp (137.9 KB)


If you don’t need them as components, you can have a look at the plugin Stepped Extrude:

Push Pull remember its last extrusion, so double-click to extrude the same distance.

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And then there is the LSS Matrix extension (Windows Only)

Oh… so many choices!! :slightly_smiling:

Wow! Echoing Chris, so many choices!!
It’s going to take me a while to try them all.
For my current problem I am working with components so the extrusion options don’t really work well, but they are good ideas for other situations.