How to make a Texture from an Image from Go

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I got this far in a video by @DaveR but couldn’t figure out how to make a texture out of the image of a penny (See screenshot.). As you see, the texture color was copied onto the face of what is supposed to be the “Tally.” I don’t even know if making a texture out of an image is possible in “Go.”

Good work.

It’s the same process in SketchUp Go. Draw a square onto which you can apply the material. When you import the image choose to use it as a material and apply it to the face. After that, edit the tally plate component and apply the material from the Materials panel to the face.

I’m thinking the becket needs to be larger in diamter and the top of the strap should be farther up above the cheeks.


The penny shows up as a material, but I missed how to choose it as a material. I followed the video on the becket and the top of the strap. The becket I have was made from move/copying the pin, making unique, etc., like in the video.

Select the texture in the materials panel like you would any other material.

I’m just comparing what I see in your screen shot to the model I created.
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Thanks, Dave it was a great video.