How to make a small dish, and shallow?

Okay I am stuck . . Trying to make a shallow dish . . Has a diameter of 2.5 inches and is MAYBE 1/4 inch Deep, Has a diameter of ( about Basket ball size ) like you had cut a 2 1/2 inch part out of a basket ball and that is the Size and shape of Part I need to cover a spot . . Oh yeah and about 5 mm thick . . Was thinking of making the part flat and rotate around on “Z” axis . . But I am terrible at Rotating parts . . ! . . Using a Laptop mouse pad and maybe need a EXTERNAL mouse to do things with !

Draw a rectangle on the red-blue plane that’s the height of your dish and half its diameter. align the left edge of the rectangle right over the blue axis. Use the line and arc tools to draw the profile of your dish. Erase the waste. Draw a circle above or below the profile, centered on the blue axis and aligned with that axis (tap the up arrow when you draw the circle.) Click on the circle with the Select tool. Then switch to the Follow Me tool and click once with it in your profile. Givenvthe size of the piece you want to make, you may need to use the Dave Method for the follow me operation.

Sounds good on paper . . will try to do it on my laptop and see where it goes to . .

Did a copy and paste of the directions so I can have it while in Virtual box and windows 7-1 32 bit . . Makes really good parts and the Fix thing rarely has to do any thing but say part is shiny LOL