How to make a circle into a hole in 2D

How do I make a circle into a hole in 2D
Is there a way to line up holes on a line with equal spacing?

Select and delete the face inside the hole. If that doesn’t work it means the circle is not coplanar with the whole face. Use the move tool’s array copy to make several holes at even spacing.

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This video may help in getting an array. It is for rotations: copy array (in Sketchup) part 1 - YouTube
The ‘Move’ tool works the same way. Hit [CTRL] once to get copy(ies) when moving the selection. type in the value for spacing and type *7 (as an example) to get seven copies.
Or move a specified distance and type /7 to divide that distance into equal chunks.

Here’s another video on the subject of copying with equal spacing: Sketchup #23: Multiply & Divide - YouTube