How to list Dynamic Components in Generate_Report?


  • In my scale able window I set an ItemCode. Now I want to list it in Generate_Report. It doesn’t show.

  • The window has a Component Option to adjust the frame thickness. It doesn’t show in the list. It shows the thickness before adjusting it.

  • In Generate_Report I wanted to “Sort by Layers”. It doesn’t show.

Fachwerk-b.skp (2.0 MB)

Item code is there, last column
edit report for windows, added RD

if you select any window then run the window report,
you will note that the effected thickness matches RD = lenY forRl,Ro,Rr,Ru subs
amended file
Fachwerk-b.skp (1.9 MB)

“In Generate_Report I wanted to “Sort by Layers”. It doesn’t show.”
The data can be sorted in a spreadsheet

  • The ItemCode for this window is “Stck”. It is not listed. Your are in wrong container.

  • RD=8 cm also shows in LenY. It’s not the adjusted frame thickness with 6 cm or 4 cm.

  • I thought I could use the Filter “Sort by active Layers” in Generate_Report. I want only Layer “Windows” to show.

Thanks for looking.

How do you scale your DC? By inputting values including units?

Do you have ‘Redraw’ (redrawing the dynamic component) assigned to a shortcut key? Otherwise the frame thickness may be visually incorrect. This may or may not affect the reported values, I’m not sure about this though.

p.s.The shortcut list is context sensitive. To find the operation ‘Edit/Item/Dynamic Components/Redraw’ in the list you need to select a (dynamic) component first.

No, by scaling it in a wall opening and adjusting Framethickness in Component Options, input for user. I’m User no Developer.

Well, neither am I. As long as you scale to reference points that you click on, the frame’s thickness should be as desired (visually). By inputting value+units you’ll need to redraw.

It’s fine in the model. It doesn’t match Report.

That’s because that window is set at 8cm, try some of the others

the report is of the component or sub, its where you place them, if you want the information on the parent, then transfer or reference them, otherwise it will report the greyed value

edit: level 1 is the drawing, then various levels of groups or component nesting

its probably best to set all data to the parent and set the report to show level two then you don’t have to worry about the subs, though may depend on how your group structure works

I place the window from the component tray. SU adds a container to keep it unique. It’s not on me. Report only shows the main container, not the sub container. That’s not on me. The frame thickness can’t be edited in main container because it dosen’t show the custom attribute. That’s only shown in sub container to be edited by user.

do you save your dynamic components via right click saveas,because it appears that the double wrap is not required

Fe T_1.skp (93.8 KB)

I exploded your extra wrap, then right clicked saveas component to my component files

sorry, my poor explanation, the parent, or outer container should hold the required data, so if you really want the extra wrap, then RD in the parent = RD in the child,but this seems redundant.

I think the solution is to save the components individually as components not as filles

12.00 here in tasmania, its good night from me

To design the DC I have to wrap it in a container to ad the main attributes to set variables to the parts to make the window scale able. Inserting it to a model SU wrapes it again to keep it unique.

So you mean I should explode all the inserted double wraped Components before generating report.? Are you shure that’s the workflow?

Sweet dreams.

For sure I don’t need an extra wrap. It’s SU needing it.

I strongly believe you are not saving your components (Dynamic too) correctly

So yes explode the component. Then while selected, right click menu and saveas accepting the component name to save any mix up. Delete and purge any others and reinsert the amended component. Then SU will assign #num if changes made, but the principal name will remain.

Saving it under another name will make it difficult to trace via the broswer or outliner. If you need a different name then do that in the complete building file and then saveas the component to that name

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Yes, Yes, Yes That’s it.
Thank you so much for comming back.

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