How to integrate SketchUp Fundamentals Course into Google Classroom as an assignment

I’m a high school teacher currently trying to find new assignments for my AutoCAD/Inventor classroom students. I came across the SketchUp Fundamentals course ( that I think would be perfect for my students in learning how to use this new SketchUp software.

I’m trying to see if there is an easy way to assign the videos/courses to them in Google Classroom and ensure they don’t have access to the Exercise Files which are basically the completed assignments for each of the 12 courses. Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

As learn.sketchup is open to anyone I don’t think it’s possible to guarantee that your students will not be able to download the Exercise files. I do agree that they are a great learning resource though, and would encourage you to make use of them. Perhaps they could be an intro to a larger assignment that would see the students using their new skills to model something they’ve created themselves?

Another great resource is our curriculum for SketchUp for Schools.
These lesson plans cover a range of beginner to advanced, and are available in both video and Google slide formats. They are included in the app, as well as through the link provided above. The lessons do not provide final model files, so you could feel more secure in knowing that your students had completed the assignments autonomously.

I hope this helps!