How to install & get started using Material Replacer

Install Extension
Material Replacer – Pool Table & garbage can.skp (299.1 KB)
I’m studying the Customizing Downloaded Assets lesson of the Commercial Interiors course.

They suggest using a free extension called Material Replacer. I found it in the Extensions Warehouse and tried downloading it.

I see a very limited number of folders in which I can install it. Where should I install Material Replacer so that it will show up when I click the Extensions tab?

Peter Enns

It looks like you have it installed correctly based on the image. Look under Tools for Material Replacer.

Screenshot 2024-03-28 000247

If you are using the Extension Warehouse and Extension Manager they should install extensions to the correct folder for you.

Hey Learned One,

As you can see from the two attached screenshots, I’ve looked everywhere under Tools and there is no Materials Replacer. Do you have any other ideas on how I can get Materials Replacer to work?

Peter Enns

Did you also install TT_Lib?


TT_Lib successfully installed

Yes, I just installed TT_Lib and Material Replacer is now in my Tool folder.

Thank you very much.

Peter Enns