How to import the attached kmz into SketchUp?


Hello Vincent,

There’s noting in the KMZ you shared for SketchUp to import.
That is, the KMZ does not contain a model, there’s only a doc.kml

However, there is a way to bring the coordinate points contained in the KMZ into SketchUp

Change the file extension of Proyecto Terrazas Santa Teresa.kmz to Proyecto Terrazas Santa
Then extract the contents of the .zip file

Within the extracted folder you’ll find doc.kml
Change the file extension of doc.kml to doc.txt and you can open it with any text editor like MS Notepad.

Open the doc.txt with Notepad.
Select All > Copy and then Paste into a spreadsheet application, like Excel.

After some prodigious editing you can end up with a CSV file like this…
Santa Teresa Coordinates List.txt (171.2 KB)

Then, you can import the coordinates list into a geo-located SketchUp model with this plugin…
Coords-Tag from Datum by TIG — SketchUcation PluginStore

Here’s the result…
Santa Teresa Coordinates List Import.skp (1.5 MB)