How to hide a htmlDialog?

For htmlDialog, there are bring_to_front and show methods, but no bring_to_back or hide methods. How can I hide a htmlDialog, in order to make it shown later on.

That is true. But for example:

  1. You can use
    :style => UI::HtmlDialog::STYLE_WINDOW
    in #initialize method Options Hash (properties), so the HtmlDialog can go behind SketchUp “automatically” and doesn’t disappear when SketchUp looses focus. Then you can #bring_to_front when you want.

  1. You can #close it, but before you are doing that you have to take care to save the last state using the #set_on_closed method, therefore you will be able to restore the state when you show it again later

… and with (2) you must reattach any action callback blocks if you show the dialog object again.

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