How to get floor plan area


Hi Everyone

I’m j wondering how I can get area of the whole house. I have tried selecting it and going to entity info but no luck any ideas?

thanks :slight_smile:
No Hands


Select the plan entities (Edit: FACES ONLY…*kudos @Anssi for pointing this out) to be included as part of the aggregate area. Right or context click on them and select AREA. Now choose either Selection, Layer or Material as appropriate.kudos

Of course you may prefer to just click the Entity Info panel in the Default Tray to reference the area also.

If you want to record the area within the model, select Tools, then Text…then click the area in question and drag the text dialog to the location where you want the text to read.


Select the Faces only.(no edges) to see their area in Entity Info. You can also paint them with a material and get the aggregate area by right-clicking on the material in the Materials browser (In Model tab) and selecting Area from the context menu.



thanks so much everyobe my house is 80sqm to small dang it lol


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